Please follow these steps to cover your entire class with a proper license key:

  • First of all, you will have to create a Chemaxon account. You can do that by clicking over here - note you will have to verify your email address, so have your email box at hand.

  • Now you can login, and you can apply for an academic teaching license. This is a 2 years, free license that covers your and your class'/colleagues' usage. To apply you will have to visit this application form. Please fill it out - make sure you select the Teacher or lecturer option where we ask - otherwise our system won't let you get this type of license.

  • If this is done - let me know I will quickly review and accept your application. You will get a notification email about the next steps, and how your license key can be configured.

  • As a next chapter - after your have received your license key, you can download the application's installer file (.exe or other formats). You can send over these files to your students via email or even Google Classroom but please mention, that this will only work if they select the corresponding installation file to their own operation system. You can access and download all installation files after login from our website; you can download the MarvinSketch here.

  • After your class has the download package - aka the installation file on their computer, they will need to install the software.

  • In the next step, you should send them your license key, that you will find over here after login.

  • As a last step your students will need to configure your license key on their machines. For that they will need to open Chemaxon's License Manager (they have to search for LicenseManager to find it). Here they will have to click on the License server configuration menu on the left side; and paste your license key to the License key field. If they push the Apply button, they are ready to use our Marvin software.