To start applying for an institutional Chemicalize subscription first decide if you can ask for a quote. Our Chemicalize Quoting Policy lists the subscriptions for which you can receive a quote from us. 

If you are eligible for a quote, please send us the following information:

  • the subscription you would like to purchase
  • Billing information: name, address, city, postal code, VAT number
  • Shipping information: the same (applies if different from the Billing information)

We also need an administrator from your institution. The administrator will manage (add, delete etc.) the Chemicalize users at your institution and must have an active ChemAxon account/pass. Please send us the email address of the administrator.

In case you need specific data for your vendor database/management system, please let us know about it, too.

Once you send us all the necessary information above, we will send you the quote. Once the you get the quote, please send us a Purchase Order

Once we received your Purchase Order, we will send you the invoice for your subscription with a 30-day payment deadline. Please state any longer payment deadlines on your Purchase Order.