You can change the billing settings of your subscription under Billing settings of your account. You can find your account on the right (see an example below) after logging into Chemicalize

Under Billing settings you can 

  • manage your payment methods in the Payment Method section. In case of using credit card you can add a new card and remove the old one(s) in case e.g. it expired. 
  • change your billing information (email address, address, shipping address, Tax ID etc.) in the Billing Information section

You can add a new credit card to the old one(s) by clicking the Add payment method and providing the new card's information.

You can remove old credit cards from your payment methods' list by clicking on the X mark next to the given card. Please note that only non-default card(s) can be removed from the list. 

Finally, you can change your billing information by clicking on the Update information link in the Billing Information section and changing the relevant field.