To run the Marvin Desktop Suite, you need a valid license, which is free for non-commercial or academic use.

To generate an evaluation license, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your ChemAxon account and visit Marvin's download page.

2. Find the "Get Your License" section.

3. If you are a non-commercial user, then click the Non-commercial tab.

4. Generate a 2-month license key for yourself by clicking the GET MY KEY button. After your license key is generated you will land on your licenses page.

5. Now open ChemAxon's License Manager application (just search for LicenseManager on your computer to find it).

6. In the "License Manager" go to the "License Server Configuration" section.

7. Paste your license key from your ChemPass website to the "License key" field.

8. After clicking Apply, and closing the License Manager, you are ready to use the software.

Also, we would like to encourage you to check if you are eligible for our Academic License. This license is valid for 2 years and covers more ChemAxon products that you can use for free.