After installation in some cases when launching Excel #NAME appears in the cells. This might happen because something went wrong during installation and JChemExcelFunction and/or JCFunctions.xla is not activated as an Excel addin.

To solve this issue, please first check if the installation was done properly by an administrator user (if you have questions about installation details, please check this tutorial video about installation.)

If you are sure that the installation was done properly, you need to activate the JChem for Excel add-ins manually, please follow these steps:

1. Launch Excel as an administrator.

2. Go to File/Options/Add-ins.

3. Press the Go button when Excel Add-ins is selected on the "Manage" list at the bottom of the dialog.

4. Please check if all Excel Add-ins are listed on the dialog:

5. If JCfunctiions and/or JChemExcel Functions check-box is not selected, please tick them.

6. If JCfunctions is not listed at all, please press Browse.

7. Browse C:\Program Files (x86)\ChemAxon\JChem for Excel folder and select JCFunctions.xla. Press OK on the dialog.

8. If JCFunctions.xla is not listed in that folder, browse C:\Program Files\ChemAxon\JChem for Excel folder and select JCFunctions.xla. Press OK on the dialog. 

9. Now Jcfunctions should be listed among Excel Add-ins.

10. If JChemExcel Functions is not listed at all, press Automation.

11. On the following dialog select JChemExcel Functions from the list and press OK on the dialog.

11. Now JChemExcel Functions should be listed in the Excel Add-ins dialog.

12. Close the Excel add-ins dialog and restart Excel.

13. #NAME should disappear from the cells and structures are displayed correctly.

If you are interested in tutorials for most important features of JChem for Excel and Office, please check our Youtube Playlist: