Adding filters to native Tableau worksheets: 

Adding filters to ChemAxon Extensions (see attached video):

  • Every extension has a source worksheet. In our case (see attached video), it's the Data Table feed.
  • Go to your dashboard, and select the Data Table feed worksheet on the sidebar. This will show you your worksheet on the visualisation (as it is not needed in the visualisation, it is 'hidden'/minimised in its size).
  • Click on the triangle and a menu will appear with more options.
  • Click on 'Filters', and select the filter you'd like to add to your dashboard.
  • The filter will be added in 'Floating' mode by default. To change this, click on the filter.
  • On the sidebar, select the Layout tab.
  • Remove the checkmark from next to 'Floating'.
  • Select again the filter, drag and drop it wherever you'd like to have it on your dashboard.