Tableau is a data visualization tool that has by default no chemical intelligence, i.e. is not able to dynamically render chemical file formats to images.

ChemAxon has developed so far three extensions in order to be able to display and report chemical data within Tableau.

The Single Structure extension is able to display molecules of any chemical file format in any desired size.

The Datatable extension is a table view (e.g. SAR view) of molecules, a table that contains a molecule view in every line. Tableau has a native component (text table or crosstable) that is able to display data in a table but is not able to render dynamically images (or chemical file formats). 

The Structure Filter extension can perform substructure and similarity searches on the molecules in the given database.

Recommended  minimal reading and training from Tableau, before creating new dashboards with the extensions:

The Tableau Workspace (useful for the step-by-step guides):

Getting Started:

Adding extensions to a dashboard: